Pregnancy Treatments

Both product houses, Aromatherapy Associates and Spiezia Organics are suitable for pregnancy. Aromatherapy Associates Facials can be carried out from week 1 and Body Treatments from week 14. Spiezia Organics Facials can be carried out from weeks 1 and Body Treatments from week 12.


Ultimate Pregnancy Massage*

Using Rose oils, this massage uses specialised techniques to ease the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, all whilst in a position most comfortable to you. This massage is guaranteed to ease the mind and body and will leave you feeling relaxed yet rejuvenated.

Full Body 60 minutes        £65

Back          40 minutes        £45


Mum To Be Experience*

This organic ritual uses products that are 100% organic, perfect for mum and baby and also helps to prevent stretch marks. This head to toe experience begins with a full body massage combining stretches beneficial to tired muscles during pregnancy. A relaxing scalp massage and facial cleanse complement this treatment, to revive both mind and body, alleviating any aches and pains.

90 minutes          £90


* Suitable for pregnancy