AA Skin Repair*

An intensive revitalising treatment or maturing skin, incorporating a unique dual layering of intensive masks with lifting, pumping and firming massage, delivering instantly visible results.

85 minutes         £75



An intricate acupuncture-inspired natural facelift, combining techniques and movements to retrain the facial muscles that will visibly improve skin texture and tone.

75 minutes       £65



Luxurious rose oils help condition the skin and deeply nourish it. The result is a smooth radiant complexion and a relaxed state of mind.

60 minutes         £60



A truly soothing and calming facial suitable for irritated or inflamed skin helping to reduce redness, nourish, soothe and restore the skins natural radiance.

60 minutes        £60



Perfect and correct complexions with all day protection from shine. Oil balancing essential products, help to regulate the over production of oil. Skin appears smooth, even and perfectly toned.

60 minutes        £60



Designed to eliminate congestion, this treatment restores natural luminosity to the skin leaving you looking and feeling radiant.

60 minutes       £60


* Suitable for pregnancy                          (C) Suitable for people affected by Cancer