Cleansing Treatments

The perfect way to pamper yourself, whether used as a ritual on its own or before a treatment of your choice.


Wet/Dry Sauna        

This ritual helps to cleanse the respiratory system with steam. The heat also benefits pains associated with arthritis and muscle aches.

(Included in the The Secret Isle).


Seaweed Soak         

A warm, still bath of 100% organic seaweed leaves, hand harvested from the West Coast of Ireland.

This pure, organic treatment will help to relax muscles and ease any aches and pains. The protein oils within the seaweed will also condition and hydrate the skin.

30 minutes          £30


Revitalising Soak

This exotically fragranced organic soak contains Lavender, Limeflower, Elderflower and Ylang Ylang essential oils to whisk you away into a state of ultimate relaxation.

Whilst softening and nourishing dry skin, this soak will leave your body and mind uplifted.

30 minutes          £30


Mum To Be Soak

A luxurious and pampering soak to help uplift and refresh. Rose and Sandalwood essential oils help to soften the skin, whilst uplifting the spirits.

Suitable for pregnant and breast feeding women.

30 minutes          £30